Picasso and Barcelona

Picasso lived in Barcelona for several years, and there is a museum of paintings and some ceramics. It is in the old Gothic quarter and very well done. He was a very young man, only 21 at the time of his departure. Thus, these works are not abstract ones you think of May. They are very realistic and inspiring. I would like to return to this data collection, if lucky.
We are headed in Antibes before this trip is done, and will see the museum, too!

The port was a big attraction for us, we thought it would, but I think we started to feel a bit trapped in the soil of Krakow. We need the Catalan sun! This area has been revived in 1992 Olympics, and is full of shops and sailboats. A good lunch at the water’s edge was a bit cold, but as I said the sun … The Ramblas is a pedestrian area that links the Pla├ža de Catalunya to habrbor. At the end it is the monument to Christoper Columbus. There was one at the top of the column 197ft/60m high, pointing to the sea where he returned to after his first trip. Spain’s Queen Isabella funded the company.
A swing was going through the port, the air of a change partner type of thing, people danced, and even more to watch. We expected to dance in Spain, but not this “american” style.

Along the Ramblas right that the heads of the port are the small market of flowers and birds. Even with few terminals hamsters Poor rooster was imprisoned in the small cage, and the pigeon is free, but with it the expectation of the cage
and little critters. Life in town is not big on animals, we saw many children with their parents to choose their own little pet.
We are loving these markets in European cities, and the market in Barcelona is exceptional, the sea was the freshest I have seen. I could hear the little shrimps and crabs and lobsters to call for help! “bring us back to the sea”

The food was great, although we could not quite understand the server, and could not understand it very well. Thus, our tapas turned out to be an assortment of what we thought we had ordered. This was not a surprise, we rarely know what we ordered in restaurants and cafes. It’s all good!
We went to a concert of Spanish guitar. It was in the cellar of an old chapel of the church in the Gothic Quarter. Flaminco not, but the soft music. The tastes and sounds are the joys of travel.

Lovely Ireland

Dublin, Ireland. What a beautiful city! I loved how it reminded me of Chicago, which makes sense since the Irish have had and continue to have a strong influence in the city. A word about the photos before you start: they are not mine. They are my friend Ashley’s traveling with me. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries a day. Ashley has a semi-professional camera and said I could just take photos when we returned in this way I would not have to spend money (I have rechargeable batteries). Thus, some of these photos are a little artsier I used to take or be able to take with my camera. I do not have any photos, I would have taken pictures of (like the signs on the sidewalk of the street you say to look left or right according to research on how the oncoming traffic has summer) or pictures of churches. But Ashley has taken the photos are much better than I could have taken with all its buttons and fancy cameras. And she was really nice to me the copy from his computer. So, overall,
I am happy with them. I’ll just have to go back in my life, sometimes for more pictures that I want. Shucks, I cry at the prospect - just kidding, I can not wait to go back!

Hoover Dam & The Grand Canyon

After the excitement of Las Vegas, we started very early in the morning to explore two national treasures: The Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon. Since the dam is located on both the state of Nevada and Arizona, we parked on the Arizona Side will be included in the entry.
First, the dam is immense. It is concrete and built to last. Although its color is dull, and faded and stained, there is certainly something beautiful on the design and architecture. You can see some retro-esque style benchmarks in the middle of the concrete. You really have to see it to appreciate it fully …
But speaking to see and really appreciate it, the dam does not even come close to the beautiful and breathtaking and inspiring fear to ask the Grand Canyon. We arrived just before sunset, and could not have planned it better. Fading rays of the sun gave a new vibrancy and life in the canyon walls except for a few moments. Pepper with snow and ice, the violent beauty of the landscape is like nothing else in the world. Just think of the time and all time created, it is absolutely inconceivable.
This is quite a place, you MUST see it before your death

Niagara Falls

A land of vast distances and rich natural resources, Canada became a self-governing dominion in 1867 while retaining ties to the British crown. Economically and technologically the nation has developed in parallel with the US, its neighbor to the south across an unfortified border. Canada’s paramount political problem is meeting public demands for quality improvements in health care and education services after a decade of budget cuts. The issue of reconciling Quebec’s francophone heritage with the majority anglophone Canadian population has moved to the back burner in recent years; support for separatism abated after the Quebec government’s referendum on independence failed to pass in October of 1995.

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